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Low self-esteem can deprive women of their sex lives, studies say

Women find it much harder in bed than men. Especially those who are not exactly satisfied with themselves. A new study has revealed that while men do not bother much with their appearance, their partners may even lose their sexual appetite completely for sexual appetite.

Bad timing, tight underwear, mattresses with feathers shot. There are often several unpleasant obstacles in the way of sexual adventure. However, as a recent study found, what discourages us the most from great sex is ourselves. Lack of self-confidence allegedly has a negative effect not only on our psyche, but also on our sex life.

Specifically, researchers at La Trobe University in Australia have found that an incredible 40% of women are very dissatisfied with their figure, and this is what prevents them from enjoying the sexual experience. This “physical discomfort”, as this phenomenon is described in the study, is the most common reason why women often remove sex from their list of priorities.

Dissatisfaction can “turn off”

In the act itself, low self-esteem can deprive us of sexual desires and desires. “Women get upset very easily during sex. Only a small detail can turn them off completely during sex,” comments Dr. Gabriella Morrisey, a specialist in interpersonal relationships.

Perhaps each of us has experienced it (preferably in a situation where it literally goes “stiff”): I have to pull my belly, he certainly doesn’t like my thighs, what about my hair, my breasts, my background, why did I have to wear those giant cotton panties today? Lack of self-confidence from our physical beauty gives us so many ideas to think about that somehow there is no time left to enjoy the moment.

Men are fine

However, the cited study revealed another interesting fact that we should think about: men are not hindered by dissatisfaction with their bodies in their love life. Unlike many women, only 14% of men acknowledge that their low self-esteem can interfere with that experience. When it comes to sex, men are not too stressed by their physical deficiencies.

Why do we women experience it so much? According to the experts of the mentioned research, there is a social and media pressure for perfect female beauty. How should we not freak out when Jennifer Lopez is also ranked among the actresses with a “full figure” and her supposedly large (if not giant) background is the main topic of lifestyle magazines?

When you compare the characters of Hollywood actresses and their male colleagues, you will find that most actors do not worry at all about their extra pounds or other bodily imperfections.

High heels, high self-confidence

The world may not be fair, but the only thing you can always count on is ourselves. The path to healthy self-confidence thus begins primarily in our head. Loving yourself and your body is a guaranteed recipe for enjoying life with all its attractions.

Working on a positive perception of yourself may not be easy, but it works. “Think about what you admire. Do you have beautiful hair, legs or something else? Put on high-heeled shoes that have been lingering in your shoebox for too long and go out into the world. That’s what your self-confidence needs,” he advises. Dr. Morissey, how to do it.

Some Instances of Unique Adult Humor

You know what? Porn can be funny at times, not in terms of bloopers (we all love that), but in terms of comedy and adult humor. Yes, you wouldn’t generally associate adult scenes with humor. But, if it’s done craftily, in no time, your fat belly will be dancing in the same rhythm of jerking your cock.

Have you ever felt like that? Well, there are many instances where you have seen bloopers which made you laugh out loud. But, we are not talking about them. Also, it’s not about those funny adult jokes that you find randomly over the internet.

What we are looking to explore here is raw adult humor that can really make you laugh and also give you a nice time fantasizing and jerking. Yes, you don’t get to see such things over the internet as mostly you will find hardcore pornography or jokes.

You can create funny adult memes by improvising many porn scenes or you can find such hilarious aspects in the cartoons that you used to see in your childhood. Many artists now create such hilarious porn cartoons of popular characters.

So, let’s explore such instances where you will understand how fascinating and fantastic adult humor can be.

Marge Simpson

Let’s be honest, we all love MILFs, aren’t we? Probably the first MILF you saw in your life in the television was Marge Simpson. Initially, you may not have identified her as a sex symbol because you didn’t know a shit about sex.

But, as you grow, as you start to develop pubic hair, as you start to make your pants wet by watching horny girls, you suddenly start to see Marge Simpson differently. You can already notice how big her boobs are and you feel like “Homer’s a lucky guy”.

Marge Simpson is one of the sexiest MILFs we saw during our childhood days and the porn lovers were making memes about her since then. But, when you discover those memes, you can’t stop laughing. Also, you need to see the cartoons where you will find Marge Simpson getting fucked, those are awesome! It is quite fair to say that Marge Simpson probably has the best ass for a MILF. But, hang on! Marge is not the only MILF that you can fantasize about. There is one more MILF that can give Marge Simpson a run for her money. Who is she? Let’s find out!

Lois Griffin

If Marge Simpson was an orthodox housewife, here comes Lois Griffin, the perfect modern-day MILF. You must have seen her in many scenes in the cartoon ‘Family Guy’ when she is wearing a bikini or she is just wearing a towel to cover her body.

Even from those angles, you could sense, there is something of a gem she is trying to hide. Also, in childhood, you probably didn’t notice her in that way. Now after growing up and becoming pervert, you are looking at her with a lusty eye.

No one can blame you because when you have such a sexy piece of MILF in front of you, you will look at her assets. And, for Lois Griffin, she has really got fantastic assets. If you see some of the porn cartoons of Lois Griffin and Peter Griffin, you will know how sexy she is.

She just nails with her sexy boobs and large ass. Also, she is a real hungry bitch in the bed just like every other MILF. You should see her porn cartoons and you will realize what adult humor is all about. You will be laughing and jerking at the same time.

Lactating Japanese Women

Have you seen Japanese porn? Yes, they are a bit frustrating because they just blur the dicks and pussies and assholes. You don’t want that in porn. However, there is another hilarious aspect of Japanese porn that you will realize once you see it.

In some of the porn videos, you will see that while getting an orgasm, the Japanese woman is actually lactating. The white fluid which had to come out from her pussy is actually coming out of her tits. It is really hilarious and you can say that it is adult humor at its best.

The Bottom Line

Finally, maybe Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin or even these lactating Japanese women fail to make you laugh because you are too eager to fap. But, don’t worry; there are many other types of adult humor that can make you laugh. Explore those funny adult memes and other humorous adult stuff; it will be a refreshing adult entertainment for you.

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Sex in Sao Paulo

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